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Hotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy
During your stay at The Golden Horseshoe Apartments you will enjoy a picturesque views in the most beautiful and romantic place in historical Prague caled „Malá Strana“ (Lesser Town). Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle in the world, will be your nearby neighbourhood. Winding streets, disparate roofs and historic buildings is the dominant of this Prague’s district.

Accommodation in Apartments in Prague
By renting an apartment at The Golden Horseshoe you will obtain top-class accommodation in a homely atmosphere, in the peaceful Nerudova Street. Spacious suites have undergone complete reconstruction and they are furnished very tastefully and practically. All rooms have their own sanitary facilities - a WC and a shower bath, a satellite TV, an equipped kitchen with utensils including a microwave oven, a kettle, a stove or a double cooker, in Penthouse as well with a dishwasher. Everyday cleaning is a commonplace.

Prague Hotel "U Zlate podkovy" Types of Apartments
Studio Double 4x suitable for up to 2 persons, Studio Double Extra Bed 4x suitable for up to 3 persons, 2 Bedrooms Apartment 2x suitable for up to 6 persons, Penthouse 2x suitable for up to 4 persons.

Accommodation in Prague U Zlate podkovy Restaurant
Cosy traditional Czech restaurant with a family atmosphere and excellent (old ) Czech cuisine. Specialties of modern and traditional Czech cuisine with fine Pilsner beer or Moravian wine. You will certainly be pleased with pictures of "old" Prague that decorate the interior of the restaurant. Restaurant offers 35 seats, also 12 seats in the lounge and 35 seats in the atrium garden and 12 seats in the passage. Always helpful and smiling staff speaking German, Russian and English.

Hotel Apartments U Zlaté podkovy Accommodation Prague Services
The hotel reception is at the restaurant. Opening hours of the restaurant 7:30am – 11pm. Handing over the keys out of restaurant opening hours on request. On request we can provide parking in the parking lot or in the garage. Both near the hotel At the Golden Horseshoe in Prague.

Holiday in Prague Hotel Accommodation Nerudova Street
Prague Hotel Apartments U Zlaté podkovy - At the golden horseshoe are located in the very centre of Prague, in the historical Nerudova Street, just a few steps from the most significant historical monuments in Prague, e.g. Loreta, the Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad Praha) or the Saint-Nicolas Church (Kostel Svateho Mikulase). Along the former Royal Route (Kralovska cesta), which runs through the Nerudova Street towards the Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad), you can admire Renaissance and Baroque burghers' houses with conspicuous house signs. Burgher house U Zlaté podkovy - originally in the Gothic style - mentioned already since the beginning of 15th century, which underwent a substantial reconstruction in the Renaissance style in 16th century, had a horseshoe in its sign already at that time and since 1723 it has existed in its present extent. The sign of house U Zlaté podkovy contains a mystery: What was first, Saint Wenceslas or the horseshoe? The horseshoe was once really bringing good luck. He who had his horse properly shoed, reached his destination safely. It used to signify good luck to find a horseshoe. Let yourself get captivated by the suites in the very historical centre of Prague
Hotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy - Restaurant - On Site Hotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy - summer terrace Hotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy - Rooms With TVHotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy - bathroom with Bathtub Hotel Praha 1 U Zlate podkovy - WC in the room
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